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    Restaurant, Lounge & Boutique
    in the heart of Doha
    A legendary
    From Paris to Doha
    The Restaurant

    The Restaurant


    At the heart of Al Hazm, Doha, you’ll discover a unique atmosphere, majestic decor, a true gem Le Train Bleu restaurant.

    Experience breakfast, lunch or dinner in Le Train Bleu, We can guarantee your satisfaction. Our professional staff will ensure a truly remarkable personalised service. Discover the gastronomic delights in our restaurant menu creating unforgettable moments in the midst of a busy dining room with its maîtres d’hôtel as its main participants…. It is also the luxury to take a little time, going back to basics and enjoying an inspired cuisine around our French gastronomic tradition. In Le Train Bleu, the food is mostly inspired by French gastronomic tradition all the while respecting the fresh products delivered daily from local suppliers and cooked in our restaurant.



    Sustenance served at the Train Bleu is enthused by French Gastronomic Custom upgrading the rich and natural flavors of ingredients. We trust in serving fresh products daily cooked in our Parisian restaurant. Constant reworking on our menu encourages us in accomplishing certain unattainable style to favor crisp and seasonal products.

    The must-haves and representative dishes of the Train Bleu are served in the new menu. You will find: the leg of lamb, carved on a trolley in front of you, the tartar seasoned at your table, the « homemade » semi-cooked duck foie gras, the « homemade » smoked salmon, the roasted Foyot veal chop, the rum « baba » cake, etc.

    Executive Chef Jean-Marie and his team serve the busy restaurant daily, ensuring consistent outstanding quality.


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