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    Restaurant, Lounge & Boutique
    in the heart of Doha
    A legendary
    From Paris to Doha


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    Al Hazm, Doha

    Le Train Bleu is located inside Al Hazm itself a truly magnificent venue of grand proportions and noble design. Alhazm is an architectural gem in the heart of modern Qatar. With classic continental style in the spirit of grand Italian shopping arcades of years gone by, Alhazm is a testament to timeless traditional style, designed to renew the wonder and sprit of amazement in everybody that walks among its splendid pillars, domes and arches.

    Designed for connoisseurs, those who appreciate the finer things in life, Alhazm offers the world’s most exclusive brands and contemporary luxuries in a fashionably refined setting. A center of gravity for those in the know, Alhazm provides the ideal blend of high-end fashion boutiques, trendy restaurants and cafés, and memorable events. A spectacular social scene the best place in Doha to see and be seen Alhazm is an environment of classical European style in the heart of modern Arabia. Experience the evolution of Qatari shopping. Experience Alhazm.

    EXPERIENCE a regal European atmosphere

    Crafted from the finest materials, including original Tuscan marble, Alhazm will leave visitors in awe of the stunning scale and striking beauty of its open spaces and inspiring panoramic terrace for shows and special events. A space for relaxation and renewal. Wander through the verdant central gardens to experience the wonders of nature surrounded by magnificent classical architecture. Stroll among the outdoor pavilions and shaded kiosks, or climb the small hill for a panoramic view and a gentle breeze. Breathe deeply in the fragrant flower gardens, encircled by majestic olive trees, water features and special events. A marvel of modern landscaping, the gardens feature a state of-the-art outdoor ventilation system and heat-absorbing white marble flooring, making it a great venue for a lively chat, a moment of peace, or Something to eat?


    best restaurants in doha

    Le Train Bleu – Doha. Enter our wonderful recreation of the legendary Le Train Bleu in Gare De Lyon, Paris.. taking over two years from concept to completion, this is the first time in over 100 years that Le Train Bleu has a second location anywhere in the world.
    You’re now immersed in truly magnificent surroundings. Mesmerising, are you in Paris or Doha, Al Hazm or Gare De Lyon?
    The paintings on the ceilings and walls were reproduced by international painters recreating the original masterpieces of le Train Bleu Paris, marvel at the hand carved wood and gypsum, finished off in gold leaf all painstakingly reproduced to the finest detail of the original by master craftsmen .
    sit at the table of the restaurant, relax in the cosy lounge or shop for amazing chocolate and pastry creations in our boutique. You’re an elite guest, a VIP in our restaurant attended to by our professional staff who will cater for your every need
    with the architecture in Al Hazm and the Belle époque style of Le Train Bleu is a perfect marriage between location and restaurant, the French food is mouth wateringly delicious.

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